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Fast straightening bench. The solidity of the frame allows an easy positioning of whatever vehicle by way of the 4 universal clamps without any help from access ramps and boards. Maxibull features: electrohidraulically operated scissor lifter allowing a max loading capacity of 2500 kgs, height up to upper edge clamps of 1700 mm and minimum height of 140 mm from the ground level.
Some features:
•Articulated joint for bench lifting .
•The safety down-stroke retainer makes the bench very safe for users and bystanders.
•Pulling system with self-revolving steel column having the same pulling capacity of 10 ton on all its pints allowing to never change the pulling direction. 
•4 on wheel trolleys to easily set and fasten vehicles.
•The pulling system can fixed slide all around the frame, be fixed to all points of the round frame and pull from all directions, ie: front rear and sides. No demounting and re-mounting operations are required to change its positioning.